Finding Mastiff Puppies For Sale

Yep, there's no doubt about it, you're hooked. You think that the mastiff is just the greatest dog that ever lived (and quite frankly, we're not about to argue with you!). So now your quest to find a purebred mastiff puppy to call your own begins.

But the question is: Just where to you start?

Your first instinct, of course, is to search locally. And that's not a bad idea. By all means look around for a mastiff locally.But don't let proximity of breeder be the tipping point in your adopting your new friend. A good dog is definitely worth traveling for.

So even before you look through the ads in your local newspaper, try visiting some dog shows. Those who are showing their dogs at the show may either be breeders or know of good breeders. Go ahead, take your time. These "dog folks" love to talk "mastiff." They'll be happy to show their passion. And they'll be more than happy to steer you in the proper direction of a reputable breeder.

Why would they be so nice? First, they love dogs and obviously mastiffs in particular. And they show mastiffs. They wouldn't want any second rate or substandard breeder to be perpetuating inferior dogs. So you can count on these folks being pretty candid about the good and bad breeders they've encountered. As you talk with these people, you'll undoubtedly acquire several business cards of different breeders. Follow up on these leads. Telephone them. Chat with them for a while. This conversation doesn't commit you to even viewing a litter.

What should you be getting from this conversation? You're getting a feel for the breeder's" dog ethics" as well as his or her commitment to the mastiff as a breed. Don't worry that you may not be exactly sure what answers you're looking for or even what questions to ask. Right about now you're going on your intuition. Trust me, you'll know.

If the breeder is too worried about the monetary value of the dog, then perhaps his commitment and love of the breed isn't quite strong enough. But if you can't stop the breeder from bragging about the bloodline, or how "adorable" or smart or "picture perfect" his pups are . . . well, you might have hit upon a high-quality breeder. You'll also have a sense of his reputation, by the way he allays your fears or doubts about your new venture.

Make as many phone calls as is necessary. This is not a decision to be made casually. When you do finally find one with whom you're comfortable, who either has a litter available or whose dog is expecting, make an appointment with him. Be prepared though. He'll probably ask you at least as many questions as you plan on asking him. That's a dead giveaway that he's conscientious and love his mastiffs he'll interrogate you (or it'll at least seem that way!)

Here though are a few tips in the way you may want to steer the conversation. Of course you'll want to ask how long he's been a breeder. Ask why he owns them. Are his mastiffs show dogs or house pets? Don't be afraid to ask about the health issues associated with the breed. Every breed has some distinguishing health concerns. It's always best to know what the issues are before adopting. Ask the breeder what the mastiff's most important single characteristic is. This question alone gives you quite a bit of insight into his reputation and his thinking.

Don't be offended by the number of questions the breeder asks you or even by the nature of some them. He's asking because he just cares that much for his mastiffs and that's always a good sign.

As you narrow your choices in the way of possible breeders, don't narrow it to only one. Make a list of several and then prioritize that list by your initial preferences. You may have to wait until other potential owners have made their adoption selections. After all, it's a first-come, first-serve world in dog breeding. Once you find the breeder and "mom dog" of your choice, you're probably be placed on a waiting list for the babies. While this could be irritating, especially since you want your new puppy NOW, view this as a good thing. This is definitely a signal that you've chosen a quality breeder. If you believe that the wait involved is excessive and only you can decide that you can always decide to adopt from your second choice of mastiff breeders.

Finally, you get that call you've been waiting for. The babies are ready for viewing. By the time you get a chance to view your potential new baby, he'll probably be eight to ten weeks old. At this age, the puppies will easily display their various personalities. You'll also be able to see how these little guys (relatively speaking) interact with you and your family.

Oh, yes, by all means take the entire family to this viewing session. It's absolutely essential right from the start that each member of your family has a chance to participate in this decision.

The puppy you ultimate choose reflects, by the way, why exactly you want a mastiff to begin with. If you have plans on showing him at dog shows or you plan on breeding yourself, then you definitely want a dog who physically meets all the requirements of the breed.

On the other hand, if you want a dog who is going to be a loyal family pet, then it's not as important that the dog meets all the physical criteria of the breed. You're looking for the most lovable pup in the litter.

Now that you've made your decision, all that's left is making the final arrangements on the price, and eventually taking him home with you. Be aware that depending on your pup's age, you may not take him home on that visit. No, don't be too disappointed. After all, you've waited this long, haven't you? Besides, the delay gives you time to get the house prepared for him.

Oh, by the way, have a great time with your new "baby"!